What is the most important thing for Windows 10?

◾ Free Computer Programs

◾ Installation, Update and Configuration

◾ Create passwords without Internet with an encryption up to: 256 bit / 43 characters and the character set: AZ, az and 09

◾ Protection against uninvited intruders from the Internet

◾ Multiple award-winning virus protection

◾ Secure online banking with secure mode

◾ Switch off espionage

◾ Surf the Internet anonymously with 3 computer programs

◾ Structures in APPS, STORE and START

◾ Design the start menu according to your own taste

◾ Start menu according to your own taste

◾ Efficient handling of e-mails

◾ Internet radio with many stations from home and abroad

◾ DVD or CD on the hard drive

◾ Create and edit screenshots

◾ Measurement of data volume from the Internet

◾ Manage contacts, appointments and tasks

◾ Remote control of the operating system with the remote maintenance program

◾ Backups of your system

◾ Simple operation of the operating system

◾ Introduction to the changes

The most important things for the router and the landline phone

◾ From CHF 19 per month for the mobile network from Sunrise, yallo or Salt

◾ Wireless freedom with up to 6 cordless phones per Internet connection

◾ Secure data and voice transmission

◾ Calls with highest voice quality

◾ Time-controlled bell switch-off for day and night operation

◾ Missed and Answered Calls by E-Mail

◾ Call forwarding and number suppression

◾ Reject all anonymous calls

◾ Call barring for incoming and outgoing calls

◾ Time-controlled activation of the answering machine

◾ Messages from answering machine by e-mail

◾ Timer for call diversion

◾ Fax with or without fax machine

◾ Overview of usage and connection data by e-mail

◾ Phonebook in the user interface and on the phone

◾ Simple operation of the user interface

◾ Introduction to the changes

The most important information for telephone and fax providers in Switzerland

◾ Tariff model with or without contract

◾ Favourable minute prices and no minimum contract duration

◾ Make free calls to the same provider

◾ Telephone and fax worldwide at domestic rates

◾ Top up credit with inpayment slip, Postfinance e-finance or PayPal

◾ View detailed cost analysis online

◾ Number portability

◾ Lock calls

◾ Blocking expensive service numbers

◾ Call waiting, call hold and call forwarding

◾ Add a third caller

◾ Available business numbers

◾ Simple operation of the user interface

◾ Introduction to the changes

The most important facts for Quickline TV Air Free in Switzerland

◾ Available with a Swiss IP address on the Internet

◾ Credit card, phone number and email address required

◾ For Tablet, TV, Computer and Smartphone

◾ Up to 2 devices per account

◾ No advertising when changing channels

◾ 130 channels in best picture quality

◾ 30 hours time-shifted television

◾ Recording function of 10 hours

◾ Electronic Program Guide

◾ CHF 9 per day for the MySports day ticket

◾ Simple operation of the user interface

◾ Introduction to the changes

The most important for WhatsApp

◾ Android Operating System for Windows 10

◾ Without QR Code Scanner

◾ Installation, Update and Configuration

◾ Video telephony and telephone calls in highest voice quality

◾ Many ringtones and notification tones

◾ Lock calls

◾ Simple operation via the Android operating system

◾ Introduction to the changes

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